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      Huangshi jiufeng intelligent electrical mechanical Co., Ltd.
      Search: High voltage cabinet, low voltage cabinet
      Address: Huangshi City magnetic Lake Road No. 162
      Fax: +86-714-6356413
      High-Voltage Switchgears Equipment
      Three box type

      Three box type

      Hubei Province Economic and Technological Development Zone, is a high-tech enterprise specialized is engaged in the electric power system, high voltage and low voltage switchgear and electrical automation equipment, the company set the development, production and sales in one, focus on innovation and product quality.


      The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and the complete set of low-voltage equipment "CCC" compulsory certification, and the success of the record in the city of Huangshi power grid. The company has advanced production management system and business philosophy. The company after years of development, has R & D and strong design capacity, a collection of outstanding talent and a number of professional and technical field, composed of a vibrant, innovative management team. The company has production equipment and various testing advanced testing equipment, all products are smoothly through the national electrical quality supervision and testing center of the type test.

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