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      Huangshi jiufeng intelligent electrical mechanical Co., Ltd.
      Search: High voltage cabinet, low voltage cabinet
      Address: Huangshi City magnetic Lake Road No. 162
      Fax: +86-714-6356413

      The quality of the book promises

      Low voltage complete sets of equipment produced by our company through the national electric power company Wuhan type high pressure Research Institute test. I produced by the company's products throughout the production process in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality certification system specification for quality supervision, and the importance of cooperation and demand side, ensure the order equipment manufacturing quality meet specification.

      1, outsourcing, outsourcing parts strictly enforce the "outsourcing product management norms", guarantee the quality of outsourced parts;

      2, to ensure that all aspects of production is under control, making each process records the whole process is traceable;

      3, the factory products 100% pass rate;

      4, welcome the buyer sent to my company to carry out supervision and ex factory inspection, we will actively cooperate to provide all the convenience.

      Over the years, I am in the company: quality first, the credibility of the first, tracking service first "purpose, to provide users with a satisfactory product.


      Service commitment to the book


      1, prior to delivery, according to user requirements, our company provides technical training services free of charge, product service users, service, we will receive users notice after reply immediately, and technical service personnel to 4 hours, arrived at the scene to ensure service 8 hours.


      2, our free officials responsible for assisting users install, debug, and on-site technical guidance. Responsible for technical skills training user's operation and maintenance personnel.


      3, the warranty period: one year, three packs of the implementation of the warranty period, the warranty period after a lifetime warranty, costs only.


      4, site installation and commissioning services, training, packaging, transportation and insurance fees waived, delivery to the user installation site.


      5, equipment put into operation on the user often pay a return visit, the perennial tracking, listen to the views of users, and set up the feedback cards, the quality problems reflect the users timely treatment, do users satisfaction.


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